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Paintball.ie for Paintballing in Westport, Galway, Wicklow, Dublin, Carrick on Shannon

Pallas Paintball link up with Paintball.ie.

Paintball.ie is a new website which enables Paintball venue owners to take and manage bookings completely online, without the hassle of building a  website or getting someone else to do it for you. It acts as a paintball directory for customers around Ireland, where the customer can find and book a venue like Pallas Paintball completely online. It removes the need for telephone bookings and payments.

If you are looking for paintballing anywhere in Ireland, like Westport Wargames, Battlebridge Paintball in Carrick on Shannon, Special Ops in Wicklow or Eilemental in Galway, Paintball.ie allows you to book all online.

Paintball.ie is owned and operated by Max Klimmek and Colin Longworth from Dublin. Combined we both have over 14 years experience in the IT Industry. We at Pallas Paintball here in Galway, Ireland are delighted to link up with the lads and look forward to growing our Paintball business along with theirs. Thank you Paintball.ie for all your help and wish you continued success.